Here you can find an integration example:

Before the integration:


Before you do the integration, you will receive some variables from B&L that will be needed for the integration.

-widgetId (token): allows you to identify the formular that you are sending us through a token (HRfrM0q3HjsLGf24AL3nC7VX)

If you don’t have this information, please get in touch with us. 

Step 1

Download the Plugin

The first step is download the plugin in your Wordpress that will allow us to integrate a “script” on your website.

Once installed it needs to be activated so it can be executed in Wordpress

Step 2

Obtain the code through the builder

Go to the builder’s website and set up on the upper part the “token” that we have generated: 

Next you must set up the calculator accordingly 

If you need to add a “check box” regarding your terms and conditions, you should add here the URL to the website where this information can be found. 

After setting up these steps, you should select the fields that need to appear in the “lead form”. You can add those that you want to be shown and the ones that are required. 

Then we will generate a code that you will find in the bottom part.

Step 3

Set up in WP the calculator’s code

Go to the plugin installed in Wordpress and paste the code generated in the script builder. Menu > Settings > Insert Headers and Footers

In the footer you can add the script generated:

Step 4

In addition to the calculator, you can create a space where the client’s quotes are saved. 

If you want to add this code, select the option “button” in the builder and there you can define the location and create a code

This code needs to be copy pasted in the plugin “Insert Headers and Footers” in “Script in Headers”

Step 5

Now you must set up on each landing page the calculator’s code. The calculator is designed in a way that you can add:

  • Calculator by country, where the user selects from the available cities, and then the schools available on each city, and then the courses, dates, duration, and accommodation offered by the school.
  • Calculator by city, where the user selects from the schools available on the selected city on the builder. Then the courses, dates, duration, and accommodation offered by the school.
  • Calculator by school, where the user selects from the school’s campuses. (Example: EC has 29 campuses, so a list of them will be displayed). Once the campus is selected, the courses, dates, duration, and accommodation available will be shown. 
  • Calculator by campus, where the courses, dates, duration, and accommodation offered by the school will be shown. 

Once this is set up, you should go to the “Landing Page” that you are designing and paste the generated code. 

In the script you should only insert the element  book-learn-component generated with the script builder in button.

Step 6

Set up the reCAPTCHA so the bots can access the web content, to authenticate the users that enter the website. 

If you don’t have access to your Google reCAPTCHA, we can add it to Google.

Step 7

Check that it is working correctly. 

First you will find the Lead Form

Once the fields are completed, the selector will be shown to calculate the quote. 

Last, you will find the complete quote.

It is important to double check in the CRM that the “opportunities” are being stored in the system. 

The quotes generated by the client will be found in the client’s profile

If you have any questions regarding the integration, please get in touch with us. 

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