Once you have created all the quotes you want to share with your student, enter their profile through the Students/Opportunities list and click on Share on any of the quotes that appear in the Quotes tab.

Select all the quotes you want to include by clicking the Share button marking them in red.

If necessary, you can change the expiration date of this quote. When you're done, click Create Link.

To enable the new version of the Student Zone link,click on 'Use link new version'. You can copy the generated link and share it with your student through Web WhatsApp or other apps of your choice.

You can send an email with the link to your student directly from the platform. You can open a predefined email template if you have already saved it on the platform, enable the option to send a copy to your own email, attach PDF quotations and also attach other files in this email.

By clicking Send Email the student will receive the message with the link to access the Student Zone. Remember that the email will be personalized with the logo and information of your agency.

By clicking View quote online, the student will be able to browse through their quotes, view courses and services prices in the currency of the destination and in their own local currency, see more information about the school, etc. 

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