Only users with Administrator or Manager roles are allowed to create Favorite quotes. Once created, all consultants will be able to see Favorite quotes from their respective office and create new quotes for their students.

To start creating, use the search to find the course you want to save as a Favorite, and click Get a Quote.

Select all the course features you want to save, including accommodation and other services. When your quotation is ready, click Save as Favorite in the upper right corner of the screen.

Assign a name for your Favorite quote and choose whether it will be available to all registered offices of your agency or select a specific office. Click Add to save the quote.

The quotations saved as Favorites will be available in the Favorite Courses tab in the top menu and in the platform home screen.

To share a Favorite quotation with your student, enter the Favorite Courses area, choose one of the quotations saved and click Get a Quote.

Now just follow the usual steps to save and share a quote with your student. If you have any questions about these steps, go to the link: Cómo compartir cotizaciones con sus estudiantes en Book&Learn

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