First, remember that to enroll a student in a Book&Learn-connected school, one of the administrators must request a connection to the school through the Enrollment menu.

To begin the process of creating application drafts, it is recommended that the student has passed from Opportunity to Booking in your platform. To do this, simply enter the profile of the student who is in Opportunity and click the Book button in the chosen quote.

When you confirm, you will find your student profile in the Reservations list. When you enter the profile, you will find in the right side menu the New Application button.

By clicking New Application, you must confirm that the School and Campus data is correct and then click Next.

In the next step, you should confirm that the information on the services (offered by the school) that the student has requested is correct. By clicking on Add Course, you will select the program chosen by the student according to their quotation.

The same should be done for the start date and the duration of the course. After you have verified all the information, click Create.

You should follow the same steps to add accommodation and other services offered by the school if they have been requested by the student. When you are done filling out all contracted services, click Create Application.

The booking draft has already been created. You can now update or complete your student data (note that fields with an asterisk are required). You can also make changes to contracted services through the Services tab.

When you finish editing, save any changes you make by clicking the Update button. You will be able to track the status of applications you have created through the side menu located on the student profile.

If you have Administrator or Registration roles on your platform, you will find the draft subscription through the Applications menu.

By clicking on the student name you will enter the draft application and edit accordingly. To submit to the school, simply click the Send Application button located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Confirm that you want to submit this application and click Send.

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