To improve student tracking you can create funnels by adding statuses that help you identify the stage of your sales/enrolment process.

Enter Settings at the top right and see the "Sale Status" option:

Here you can set all the necessary statuses for your sales and enrolment funnels. You can create as many statuses as you like and organize them to suit your processes. Remember that the status of the first column is applied to students who are in the Lead or Opportunity phase, while the status of the second column is applied to students who are in the Bookings phase.

Once you have set your status, you can apply it to your customers from your student lists. This will make it much easier to identify the stage of the sales/enrolment process your students are in.

You can select the Kanban tab to have a more visual organization of your students at each stage of your funnels. You can rearrange your students between stages by simply clicking and dragging the boxes.

You can always apply filters to see only the students who are in the particular stage you are looking for. Remember that you can combine as many filters as you need to define a more effective search.

Right-clicking on each student's box gives you access to a shortcut list where you can work directly with your clients, scheduling a task, adding a quote, etc.

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