You can add a calculator for each page on your website, so if you want to display a calculator for and specific school, campus, city or country, here you will find the instructions to follow through.

Step #1 

Head to our calculator script builder. You will find three sections: settings, quote, and button. We will be working on the Quote tab.

NOTE: Please be sure to set and save your Token and Host correctly before you continue with this tutorial.

Step #2 Course Type 

On the first selector, you will have to choose between the options given to get the course type you want to be configured into your calculator.

Step #3 Search Mode

The search mode allows us to choose from a general search (country) to the most specific one (campus).

So let's say that you want to have a calculator that searches for courses in Vancouver. You should select the city mode. 

Or if you want to display just the courses for one of your schools in specific then you should choose the school search mode.

Step #4 ID of search mode element

Depending on your search mode selection you will be able to look for a Country, City, a school or campus on this selector. Make sure that you select the one that you want.

Step #5

Now that you have completed the configuration, the element on the clipboard needs to look like this

Notice that our element <book-learn-component></book-learn-component>  contains three necessary parts:

  • course-type
  • course-search
  • id (depending on the selected search mode it might be: school-id, country-id, city-id or institute-id)

NOTE: Each one of the three parts has to contain information between the " " and must not be empty.

Step #6 Including your component to your website page 

Now that you have generated the <book-learn-component> it is ready to be included in your website page of your choice. You can generate as many components as you wish but only one can be included on each page. 

The place where these components are included is inside an HTML

We suggest not to include more than one component per page.

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